CS 210

Major Prerequisites

Completion of CS 111.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to…

  • Write programs using Java source code at an experienced level.

  • Employ version control systems in software development.

  • Employ unit testing and test-driven development in software development.

  • Employ analysis of algorithms to design efficient solutions to nontrivial problems.

  • Prepare regular expressions to interpret user inputs.

  • Create a database management system as a data structure:

    • Prepare Structured Query Language queries:

      • Prepare data definition language queries to define the schemas of tables.

      • Prepare data manipulation language queries to modify the states of tables.

    • Apply the relational model to translate databases between tables of rows and maps of lists.

    • Employ serialization and deserialization techniques on databases using XML and JSON encoding.

  • Create a hash map as a file structure:

    • Employ hashing on key data using random access files.

    • Employ collision resolution techniques such as open addressing and chaining.

    • Employ indexes to access nonkey data efficiently.

Full syllabus is available upon request.


There is no assigned textbook.

Mr. Reaser
Teaching Instructor

Teaching Instructor at West Virginia University.